venerdì 2 maggio 2014

Spring Reading List

Would you like to read a book? Here the books I suggest you read.
1. Firstly, you could read The Age of Desire, written by Jennie Fields. It deals with the life of Edith Wharton., the American writer who wrote The Age of Innocence (one of my favorite books).

2. In addition I sugest Animal Farm: a classic and enlightening book. It is always useful. A novel to read and re-read.
“Several of them would have protested if they could have found the right arguments.” 

3. Have you ever read  Bright Lights, Big City? It's a pleasant  novel. It is the most representative novels of the American literature of the Eighties and a cult book for a whole generation. McInerney was chronicler of his age. If Fitzgerald does a social satire of Roaring Twenties, whose icons are the sad young men and flappers, McInerney also rapresents the materialistic world of the Eighties in which their myths are models and yuppies. The writer offers a portrait of American society during the Regan years, defined new lost generation and mtv-generation. 

4. Another book you should read is A Room of One's Own, written by Virginia Woolf. It is an important feminist work. It deals with the relashionship between women and fiction-writing and affirms that will be able to write well they have a room of one's own and indipendence.

5. The fifth and last book of my list is  Eat Pray Love. It is really likeable. Reading it you follow the main character in her travel to discover new places and herself.

“I look at the Augusteum,and I think that perhaps my life has not actually been so chaotic, after all. It is merely this world that is chaotic, bringing changes to us all that nobody could have anticipated. The Augusteum warns me to not to get attached to any obsolete ideas about who I am, what I represent, whom I belong to, or what function I may once have intended to serve. Yesterday I might have been a glorious monument to somebody, true enough--but tomorrow I could be a fireworks depository. Even in the Eternal City, says the silent Augusteum, one must always be prepared for riotous and endless waves of transformation.”

- Animal Farm- George Orwell
-The Age of Desire- Jennie Fields
- Bright Lights, Big City- Jay McInerney
- Eat Pray Love- Elizabeth Gilbert
- A Room of One's Own- Virginia Woolf

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