martedì 17 giugno 2014

Wedding Tips

Hello, today some advice for wedding day.
One of the first things a bride thinks is the dress, of course.

1. There are a lot of dresses. I don't believe in the existence of the "right dress". Bu surely, you can find the fitting dress, which you love immediately. But don't spend your time to search the right and perfect dress, nervously. The brides are always beautiful, and the guests will not be so fussy at your wedding day. Visit some atelier and choose  the dress you love more than other without spending a fortune.

2. You could choose among several models following your taste: a line, empire, princess line,  lace, vintage dress.
You should choose a suitable dress for your current size, for example marmaid dress is for tall and thin girls.

3. Not only the classic white dress, but pastel outfits or colored details too.

4. In the end, your "wedding outfit" must be faitful to your style and personality.

Here some ideas for inspiration. I love the look where the bride wears her hair down and the drapped dress in the photo. This is like one I did. Do you remember it?

Bye :)

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