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Marie Antoinette's Dresses in a Silk and Cake World

Precious embroidery and pastel-coloured dresses are the ingredients of the costumes of Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette.  The movie received the Oscar for the costumes designed by the Italian Milena Canonero.
For the costumes were used  pastel colors, silks, taffeta, satin, and lace from the 18th century.

"At the start of pre-production, Coppola handed Canonero a box of pastel-coloured macaroons from the Ladurée pastry house. "She told me, 'These are the colours I love'," recalls Canonero. "I used them as a palette. Sofia was clear about the colouration, but left the rest to me. We squeezed the essence of the period, without reproducing it. Even if you think you know a lot about it," she argues, "you always have to look for a new angle. I simplified the very heavy look of the 18th century. I wanted it to be believable, but more stylized." 
From The London Times Magazine.

The designer look at something that exists in the past and depart from there. In fact the cut of the clothes was correct, but the color combinations and the hair was inventive. Sofia Coppola wanted to capture in the design the way in which she imagined the essence of Marie Antoinette's spirit. The film is candy colors, its atmosphere and the music all evoke how Coppola saw the world from Marie Antoinette' point of view. "She was in a total silk and cake world. It was complete bubble right up until the very end" Sofia Coppola said.
She wanted the clothes show Marie Antoinette evolution from a very young girl to a sophisticated woman. 

Here a wonderful peacock embroidery detail on Marie Antoinette's dress.

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